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Calling all actors and performers of any kind.. Body By Aryana is here to help you fine tune your most valuable instrument: the body. We are here to help YOU feel strong, grounded, confident, and capable in your abilities to perform. 


What Does Body By Aryana Stand For?

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Are you a film/TV actor, theater actor, stuntman, camera assistant, director or any other creative professional in the entertainment industry?

If you are, we have something in common. While attending college to receive my BFA in Acting, I learned how important physical fitness was for my career. I never even thought about fitness - let alone think it was crucial for performing.


I realized this when I was at school for 12-15 hours a day, rehearsing constantly, and sometimes sprinting back and forth during a two hour play. The physical demand of my craft made me understand how I needed to be:

1) physically equipped for whatever a role may require of me

2) fully nourished so I had tons of energy, endurance, and stamina to rehearse and perform to the best of my abilities. 

Taking your performance goals seriously, we will not only help you overcome the hurdles that may come along the journey, but also foster a supportive motivational environment.

With a foundation built upon empowerment & self-care, we are here to motivate you to reach your greatest potential.


Your body protects you, keeps you safe, holds your existence every single day, and is your artistic vessel for the craft. Let's take care of it. 


BBA client, Abigail, as a lead role in the Broadway musical SIX. 


BBA client, Lauren, in the Broadway musical CATS on the North American Tour. 


BBA client, Katherine, in the world premiere of the new musical Witnesses


Packages & Pricing

Pricing & Packages

1-on-1 Online Coaching (Available Worldwide / Main Service)

Online coaching consists of 4 layers: Customized Training, Nutrition, Accountability & Client Community. 


Working 1-on-1, hands-on with Aryana, with a specific and individualized program catered to YOUR goals and YOUR needs, she will help you achieve your goals in the most enjoyable and sustainable way. She will be YOUR personal coach. Your training and nutrition will be customized to YOU. Simultaneously you will receive support from individuals on the same journey as you in her private client community, where they share wins, celebrate each others accomplishments, & do challenges to win grand prizes. 

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The Body By Aryana Blueprint  (Available Worldwide)

The Body By Aryana Blueprint is a general, non-individualized training and nutrition program built help you kickstart your fitness journey.

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Fitness Training Host

You can book Aryana to host livestream social media trainings, group workout classes, & fitness host events. 

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Curious About What Working Out With Me Looks Like?



Do I have to be of a certain fitness level to work with Aryana? 

No! Body By Aryana creates programs specific and custom to each individual. Whatever your fitness level is, Aryana will collaborate and work with you to build the program that suits your needs and capabilities. 

Do I need to be of a certain age to work with Aryana?

No! Body By Aryana works with all ages (with the exception that individuals under 17 have a parent/guardian’s consent). 

Do I need access to a gym? 

Aryana will develop your program to whatever kind of equipment you have accessible to you. (Whether it be at-home or at the gym, or no equipment).

I’m ready to get started on my fitness journey, but I’m curious as to how I will fit the investment into my budget?

Aryana has different programs for different budgets, and will work with you to discuss which option will suit you the best. 

Am I going to have to completely change my diet?

Body By Aryana preaches balance, flexibility, and moderation when it comes to nutrition. A nutrition program will be created specific to you, while still being able to eat your favorite treats. 

Does BBA only work with actors or performers?

No! While BBA does specialize in training performing artists, we also work with clients who are committed to positively improving their physical and mental health. Aryana incorporates all things wellness related and whatever you may need, as an individual. 

I really want to start my fitness journey, but I’ve had bad experiences with fitness in the past. 

Aryana strives to make sure each client in her program feels welcomed, comfortable, and supported. BBA promotes a foundation fostered upon empowerment, guidance, and self-love, and will work with you to make sure your experience with BBA is the best it can possibly be. 


Before scheduling your consult, please fill out this form via the button below so I can get to know you and your fitness goals. I will be in touch with you shortly!


All of the knowledge provided by BBA is validated by modern science and education regarding exercise program design, nutrition habits, human anatomy, physiology, and integrated training. With this as the infrastructure to our methods and programs, we guarantee sustainable, long term results. And better yet? A healthier, happier, and maintainable lifestyle. (*Aryana is professionally certified as a trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine).



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