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Growing up biracial in a household immersed with two different cultures, opened up my eyes and perspective to the constant-changing world around me. Understanding varying traditions, customs, and beliefs was the factor that taught me the importance of empathy, generosity, humanitarianism, and creativity. 


Born in the Bay Area, I moved down to Southern California to be taught by Svetlana Efremova in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at CSUF.


Since graduating, I played a drug addicted teen, Danny, in the feature film “Carmelita Park”, a sophisticated fiancee in the short film, “Condo at El Dorado”, and a feminine escort in the movie “Zeus”, produced by eight division world champion Manny Pacquaio.

While simultaneously performing, I’ve developed my entrepreneurial and leadership skills by building my own fitness/personal training business, Body By Aryana, helping and supporting over 80+ clients achieve their wellness goals. I’ve had multiple opportunities to work with the activewear company co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics, to host in-person and livestream workout classes for individuals to be apart of.


You can check out the event footage from our workout classes here.


I was recently in American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez’s latest music video for her single, “Us” to stand in solidarity against the Asian-American hate crimes occurring in our country.


Being in this music video was a meaningful reminder of where I come from, and how coming together is one of the most powerful ways to minimize hate. 

My biggest mission is to develop a platform where I can give back to those in need through art. I am creative being dedicated to giving back.


Art, empathy and spirituality ignites the fire I have to continue this passion, purpose, and service.


I strive to collaborate with other artists so we can create significant projects that resonate with women, men, and any human being alike. It is all about understanding the human experience. 




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